What if it had these 5 functions

It is said that average amount of time spent by users on WhatsApp on a weekly basis is 195 minutes (globally). It is also said that Indian users spend 98 percent of their online time on #WhatsApp.

Which can mean that Indians might be way above the global 195 Minute per week average, perhaps closer to 4 hours maybe even more, maybe almost an hour for each working day of the week.

That’s a lot of time & some of it can be saved by giving more choice to people when it comes to engaging with content & sometimes preventing them from oversharing or getting carried away. If only #Whatsapp could give us these 5 as follows-

1.      Anyone about to post / forward a downloadable video #File, should NOT be able to do so at all, without adding a one line description as to what the video is all about, either directly from inside the chat or from the gallery.

2.      Presence of recency Intelligence – Identification of previously (& recently) posted content & a repeat-content alert to the user, BEFORE the person repeat posts or forwards it. 

3.      Timely Identification of hate content, hate speech & preventing the originator from posting it by disabling the green arrow for that content (some AI can come in handy here I guess). Preventing loss of life and property which can be directly attributed to the unrest organised & coordinated using the app. It may not be 100% accurate but we’ll take it at any non zero accuracy level.

4.      Group #Cooldown #Protocol – when debates within a group go sideways, or tend to get ugly, then the other group members keep asking the debaters to stop but they continue having a go at each other. In such cases admin (with prior warning) should be able to initiate Group Cooldown Protocol which can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour during which no one will be able to post anything in the group

5.      Few months back a wall street journal story read that The Internet Is Filling Up (& clogging up) Because #Indians Are sending Millions of ‘Good Morning!’ messages. What if the person opens the app in the day for the first time, he or she is greeted (as per the time of the day) by the app itself. It may not completely eliminate the issue but maybe it will reduce it somewhat.

While they are just 5 above, i am sure there are more which people think about. Comments welcome.

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Guest Post BY Amit Chand

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