3 Ignorables of CRM

Like all businesses, yours too hopes for revenue & profitability and the seller of CRM system fuels your hopes. He or She will show you all his fancy stuff, bells and whistles, 3D Dashboards & hope to win you over. Of course he is doing what every salesperson does but, as his sales pitch proceeds, he can sometimes make you (temporarily if you are lucky) forget these –

1. No #Data No CRM – No system on this world is more valuable than the data contained inside it. And even if yours is a “From-Scratch” CRM implementation, data quality problems will be discovered. This means you have to focus on your company users, your distribution channel users, their way of working & workflow, and the incentives which they get, to do their work in line with the requirements. And you will probably have to spend separately on data quality

2. Standing alone?  #Standalone CRM is a CRM in name only. At best it can be described as a Lead Management System. A good CRM system should give users access to data which comes from other systems & those other parts of #customer #Journey, which are beyond the scope of direct marketing or digital marketing. This means that data integration is really necessary. But, data #integration projects are often harder than original CRM project itself. One very good thing about integration is that it exposes company-wide data quality problems that were hidden in a standalone system. Difficult thing is to convince the top that data problems #expose’ is a fair output of the project.  Even more difficult is to prevent other business users from thinking that you are out to get them. If some of them have “better” access to the top, then the project (& you yourself) can land in a dangerously tricky situation.

3. CRM/CX Problem? No Such Thing. Most of the “CRM Problems” have nothing to do with systems or IT. Under their CRM or systems disguise, they really are disconnected processes &/or gaps in business processes, policy issues or contradictory business polices, poor data capturing mind sets or extremely #polluted data  and of course organizational #politics.

If you are planning a system replacement or a system revamp or a data integration project, please take ample time to Identify the above problems before you even think of starting your project. Doing this will enhance your chances of CRM success, regardless of who the CRM Seller or vendor is.

The author has good experience in above scenarios & can be contacted for related topics

Guest Post BY Amit Chand

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