CRM Failure Settings:From Greed to CX Blooper(s)

Dear Customer (the message said), we request a minute of your precious time for valuable feedback. Help us improve. This SMS message had come in shortly after i had made the “Online” payment of my Health Insurance premium. The message conveyed an intent to improve & ensure customers, prospects continue to experience great CX etc. Therefore i went ahead and clicked it.

As expected, there were series of questions and they were quite appropriate for the situation. Ease of navigation ratings , time taken from start to finish etc followed by NPS questions on whether i will recommend the health insurance service etc etc and so on it went , till it hit the wall.

The survey was progressing quite smoothly till it hit the wall of the CRM “Holy Grail”. #REFERRAL. As it Hit the wall, it also gave up it’s original intent.

The referral screen which was the last screen, wanted my friend’s name , phone number and email & i could also see the SUBMIT button (Finally. About time!!). I did not want to refer anyone so just pressed the submit button. Sorry !! won’t submit. The friends details fields were #Mandatory. Each one of those fields was mandatory. In fact there was a button making it easy for me to import my google contact(s) to fill these fields (how thoughtful!!).

I tried everything, just wont submit. There were even validations for mobile and email Ids.(please refer the #Screenshot image picture). The message i got was – “You have spent 2-3 minutes worth of effort to tell us how to improve. Don’t let all that hard work go waste. Tell us about your friend and we both can be on our way asap”.


So what kind of a survey would at first want to understand my CX and then ruin it all (in the same exercise in a matter of minutes) just to get my friends details? In all likelihood FOUR things are happening here

  • Laziness- Ideally a #REFERRAL campaign should follow an NPS kind of exercise and should be sent only to those who expressed high satisfaction levels in the previous exercise. Trying to get everything out of a single campaign is lazy and never a good way
  • Low sensitivity. Laziness can be excused but why make the referral mandatory and signal to customer that improvement feedback isn’t really all that important unless his/her friend’s details are also accompanying it. What will the customer do ? abandon the survey AND ignore the next one.
  • CRM being used to provide the cloak of respectability to standard tactics for enhancing sales & building prospect databases.
  • In this organisation, either the Sales team has lot of clout (no digital activity can happen without a “mandatory” flavour of sales) OR the CRM team reports into the sales team. In which case CRM is just a direct sales unit.

This is how the word “Relationship” goes out of CRM and gets replaced with “Revenue” or maybe even “Rupees”. The basic problem is Time. Relationships need lot of #TIME to build and nurture (even if the original intent is to eventually milk the relationship dry, it still needs lot of time investment). And, in the digital economy where everything happens NOW, who has the #time?

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Guest Post BY Amit Chand

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