2020 is the next 2000 that will disrupt online digital marketing trends further

We depend on technology and internet everyday for our tasks. So, we can say for that we have witnessed the digital era. The demands of marketing constantly keep changing and it is challenging for businesses to keep up with the changing online marketing trends. From the year 2000 we have witnessed several digital marketing trends that ruled or died. Text and hand crafted images were instrumental in advertising then. Videos are presently making an impact on the performance or brand visibility of the business. Extreme Marketing automation is foreseen as the trend for 2020. In the recent years the advancements in digital marketing trends have only increased. The trend will continue in 2020 too. Marketing research experts claim several successful trends of 2019 will dominate 2020 and the year will also see an increase in digital expenditure from 15% to 25%.

In the constantly changing digital space how ready are you? Is your marketing approach relevant?

Here’s a list of trends and changes you can anticipate in 2020:

  1. BY 2020 more Smartphone’s will storm the market. The need for mobile friendly content and website will become mandatory. Responsive sites gained prominence in 2018, 2019 but in 2020 sites developed for mobiles specifically will become the necessity. 
  2. With a blink of an eye the content you search will become available to you. Google glasses will do that with you like piece of cake. Rumour has it that the lenses will hit the market and rule.
  3. Virtual stores are already present, old fashioned notes are disappearing, net banking sounds outdated already – In 2020 Smartphone’s will double up as your wallet full-fledged. You can scan your phone on the products and have them home delivered.
  4. E-commerce business will boom further more and the need for insights on the huge amount of data available will increase the need for marketing automation. 
  5. Augmented feed Ads are expected to dominate 2020. Facebook’s investment on Augmented reality might disrupt the marketing arena. Augmented reality ads will offer interactive shopping experience and yield better conversions.

Question remains

  • Are you digital ready for consumers in 2020?
  • Are you capable of maintaining extreme consumer centricity?
  • Are your basic marketing approach right? If not how can you execute extreme marketing measures?
  • How well are you managing your online reputation presently?
  • Are you addressing or appreciating customer’s grievances or positive feedbacks?
  • Mobile is changing the way businesses currently operate. Majority of the mobile users possess a smart phone and are online most of the time. Smartphones already are an integral part of our daily life. A lot of smartphones features keep changing in a short period of time. How ready are you to incorporate extreme marketing automation and mobile marketing measures?Partner with Metriken Integrated Business to know more about the upcoming digital marketing trends. Contact us for more information on relevant marketing approach for your business.

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