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Customer Service

Customer Service Means Customer loyalty

When you deliver what your customers need paired with maximum customer satisfaction, your customers will come back to you for more of your products and services that meet their need. Of course there are other elements too like cost control, productivity and marketing strategy that impact the profitability in the business. But customer satisfaction remains the king in increasing customer loyalty and reduced marketing budget. Your products might be wonderful but it’s the service you offer that will help you retain clients and bring them back for more.

Offering right customer service builds your business reputation:

The right type of customer service metrics helps you to:

customer service metrics
  • Request feedback to improve your service or product further
  • Retain existing and attract new customers
  • Helps maintain profitability
  • Increases brand value

So how does maximising customer satisfaction increase profitability?

Solicit feedback to improve your service or product:

Your customers might have good or bad opinion about your offering but that should not stop you from asking for feedback. Whether good or bad customer feedback should be asked for. You must empathise with your customer for inconvenience caused to them if you receive a Negative feedback. Some form of compensation gift or kind should reduce negativity about your product or service and it will also help you improvise your business offerings. Likewise a positive feedback should also be appreciated with an acknowledgement.

Customer satisfaction survey questions can help obtain these feedbacks.  You must be well equipped to measure customer satisfaction. Different measures must be adopted to ensure customer service satisfaction is met. From preparing a questionnaire to calling and conducting a survey to obtain feedback helps you know how good or bad your product or service is.

Measures to retain existing and attract new customers:

  • Further to requesting feedback don’t shy away from showcasing about the nice experience your customer had and shared about your product or service on your website or social media. By attending to both positive and negative feedback you not only calm the nerves of your angry client but you retain them and don’t lose on your profits. Positive feedbacks attract new customers and help you build brand loyalty. Needless to state feedbacks need to be handled meticulously. 
  • When your customer is satisfied and talks about your product or service with other consumers it has a direct impact on profitability of your business. Requesting for recommendation will take you a long way in attracting new customers whose buying decisions are based on recommendations and feedbacks.
  • Using a metric like the Lifetime customer value helps customers realise the profit they make by using your product or service for a long term. Therefore maximizing customer satisfaction by delivering value will make them come back for your offerings.

Whether you have an online or brick & mortar store – Going that extra mile to provide value and service will increase your business profitability and brand value.   


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