How Metriken's Cati Services can help you
Outsourcing CATI services

How Outsourcing CATI Services to Metriken benefits your business?

Data driven market research and information collection is a time intensive process.  Outsourcing computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI) to Metriken Integrated Business helps your company focus on your core goals while we assist you with the research, obtain the required data, and take care of the tedious process of planning and executing the calls. Metriken partners with companies seeking CATI services at competitive pricing to derive desired research data.

Advantages of outsourcing CATI services to Metriken Integrated Business (MIB):

  • MIB offers CATI research for domestic and global clients including small, medium, and large business
  • Our researchers manage everything right from designing a questionnaire to call scheduling and reporting
  • Our  CATI methodology prioritises discretion and ensures the calls made do not affect your business reputation
  • Our CATI survey provides practical, realistic and logical questionnaire design. We focus on reasoning and response values from customers.
  • Metriken’s CATI research methodology offers consumer surveys, in-depth interviews, opinion polls, market survey assessment and appointment settings.
  • If you do not have a customer support team in-house, Metriken can bridge the gap existing between you and customer. Our researchers can do all the heavy lifting and you can eliminate the challenges we help you identify with our CATI research methodology.
  •  Our researchers are trained and experienced in collection of authentic, definitive and quality data. We have provided CATI survey services to industries that include Retail, NGO, and Lifestyle to name a few.

Metriken’s CATI Market Research Service Studies

Our CATI Market Research studies offer a wide coverage when it comes to collecting marketing and business intelligence. We conduct studies in the following segment:

  • New product development
  • Product or service pricing
  • Buyer behaviour study
  • Customer profiling and segmentation
  • Remote and rural buying research
  • Employee assessment survey
  • Product/ service use, customer satisfaction survey
  • Buyer behaviour study

Metriken’s CATI Market Research Process:

  1. We work with your team for requirement gathering to understand the root objective of your requirement
  2. We train interviewers to track feedback and improve the effectiveness of the survey
  3. We brainstorm and customise the questionnaire design specific to end users
  4. We interview respondents using the customised questionnaire to collect data. If our clients need any modification with the questions or answers collected we modify accordingly.
  5. We collect, analyze, and interpret data collected by our expert team which is further lined up for report generation
  6. The data is checked for errors before the report generation is done. The report offers marketing insight enabling our clients to make informed decisions.

How Metriken’s CATI Services can help you in winning and retaining customers?

Metriken Integrated Business engages the best team of professionals for the CATI research projects. Our team members follow an effective system and an orderly mechanism which allows us to understand your needs better for developing a script and also meeting other market needs with very little effort from your end.

We draft a comprehensive questionnaire covering every aspect of your requirement. We pay attention to detail and our interview process adheres to national and international telephonic research standards. Our team of interviewers, leaders, supervisors and members of quality assurance team are trained and conscious about the industry standards.

Partner with Metriken Integrated Business and rest assured of not only receiving quality CATI research services but also get the benefit of our competitive cost and rich industry experience. Contact us to retain your customers.


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