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Corporate Identity & Branding

Metriken Integrated Business case study on corporate identity and brand identity Full path of LOGO Creation, FONT Style, DESIGN Guide supported by GRAPHICS for all the design stages for an Innerwear Brand.

Client summary

A leading textile and clothing store in Erode with a large customer base in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamilnadu had the requirement of segregating its innerwear collections from the umbrella company and create an independent brand for men and women’s essentials. Metriken Integrated Business was hired to create a new brand identity for the essential segment under the umbrella company.

Marketing Approach

As a matter of first significance, it was important for the designer to consider the conditions and reasoning of new logo usefulness, insights concerning organization exercises and business objectives and client's desires about the design procedure.

  • It’s important to state that creating identity for existing organizations and their products can have various impacts on the audience, market etc.: a few organizations settle on completely new structure which shares nothing practically speaking with the present marking, in this case the umbrella company. Others monitor changes cautiously and continuously, with minor modifications wiping out the danger of losing visibility. In this case a new design had to be created which also connected its association with the umbrella company.
  • The second approach the designer had to take into consideration was the story behind the creation of the LOGO which would then form the basis for creating corporate Identity for the brand. The logo creation was done keeping in mind the umbrella company’s history and philosophy and how the intent to expand made room for a new segment that solely focussed on men and women’s essentials. The new brand logo had to take its roots from the existing branding of the umbrella company but offered a clear demarcation of what the new logo represented.
  • The designer was also required to know as much as possible about the brand the logo design was to be created for, understand the company’s business goals, and statement. The umbrella company is a family owned business and it takes the name origin from the senior member of the family (The entrepreneur). The clients wished for the new brand logo to be classic, be memorable, and enduring, setting a strong association with men and women’s innerwear. So, it was important to at first provide a visual sign via harmonic combination of shapes and colours that would instantly inform the observers about the nature of the business and what the brand stood for.
  • After conducting a thorough market research and gaining insight into the requirements and background of the company the designer worked over the first series of sketches and offered the first version for the design. It was based on the concept of rising sun. The corresponding version was for the name lettering designed to go with the strokes that resembled sun rays. Gold and Red were the colour variants opted for. Colour red made the impact anticipated from the LOGO. The designer applied smooth lines of different stroke weight and provided the variants filled with colour. The strokes appeared like sun rays in a semi circle form along with the brand name fitted snugly beneath the strokes. The two together appeared like rising sun.

Success Delivered

By applying the name of the brand below the sun lines made the logo not only meaningful but also visually appealing. The lettering and the strokes in red became the final choice. It’s simple form, vibrant colour resonated with the brand the client wished to introduce in the market.


This case of logo design proves that user research, market research attention to clients requirement, and need for unique creative make a strong base for efficient, informative, and attention grabbing branding