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Call centre consulting to improve daily business operations

Metriken Integrated Business case study on basic call center training consulting: best practices for improved customer service and satisfaction

Client summary

A leading supplier of construction material in Chennai, Tamilnadu

The Challenge

The company has a small customer service division with agents not adept at handling on call customers. Client received negative feedback from customers about long wait time, poor product knowledge, lack of empathy, and poor call handling skills. Client wanted to improve the customer service division’s performance realising the impact the poor service had on business.

Marketing Approach

Call center consulting ensures that your business meets and exceeds customer expectations from customer service team. With Metriken’s experience in providing consulting services, client adopted innovative process to improve call center performance. There was a need to enhance employee skills, equip them better to handle customer needs, decrease wait time, and build brand loyalty. Without overhauling the present set up our expert consultant suggested

  • Strategic plan that included industry best practices to improve employee performance
  • Strategic plan that included industry best practices to improve employee performance
  • Offered a plan of action for the call center manager to improve key performance areas. Plan focussed on adjusting behaviour and actions of all team members( all levels) at the call center
  • Advised basic call centre training program that included scripts, systematic process improvement, role play, conversation skills, monitoring measures for the floor supervisor

Success Delivered

Metriken Integrated Business advised measures to optimise call center processes to support long term organizational growth and customer-client relationship


Client realised the importance of hiring an expert trainer immediately to implement corrective measures while the team members attended calls. This approach minimised the number of irate customers and had less impact on operations. A comprehensive plan to improve employee performance is being worked on simultaneously.