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Prominent Furniture Store- Customer Satisfaction Study

In a survey of customers of a large furniture store to determine their satisfaction and expectations, two hundred calls were made to gather feedback for different products. The total sample size was 2,500 customers who purchased different types of furniture from the furniture store over a span of ten years. Calls were made to customers who bought furniture in the year 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Client summary

The client owns a prominent furniture store in Chennai, India well known for selling high end furniture especially teak at competitive prices. The furniture store has in store high flying collections that are appealing to the consumers. The furniture store was established to bring in plethora of choices at a very genuine price to adorn the space thirsty and steeply priced homes of today.


The store has several franchises in Chennai, India. The store witnessed dip in sales for the last three consecutive years. Metriken Integrated Business had to identify the reasons behind the dip in sales. Extensive survey and study had to be conducted to know the customer opinion about the products purchased from the store. Between qualitative, quantitative and CATI research – researchers at Metriken opted to adopt CATI methodology to conduct the survey and study.

Marketing Approach

  • Our first step was to gather Intelligence. We identified relevant questions that needed answers by working with our market research team; this allowed us to ignore questions that were irrelevant to the respondent.
  • We conducted mock Interview and trained the Interviewer to deliver the questions on call with empathy and intend to help. We imparted high-quality training to the interviewer to acquire and analyze the information from respondents.
  • After the mock sessions and training our focus remained on Designing & Customizing the actual Questionnaire. The customized questionnaire was developed to extract answers that offered complete understanding about the products, after sales services and customer satisfaction.
  • Finally the Phone Interview was executed. We used the CATI methodology to interview clients. The interviewer read out the questions and the responses were documented on the response sheet saved online for further analysis.
  • The responses were further analysed for report creation.
  • Our Industry experts and analysts  transform the inputs into high-quality business insights and reports that will support better decision making


Clients realised that the products were well received by customers and they were very happy with the quality of the product. Substantial number of customers raised concerns about after sales service. MIB was able to present a report to the client that poor online presence was also the reason behind the poor revenue generation. Client had not conducted a competitor research and was convinced that the brand name built ten years back was good enough to stay ahead in the business. With a complete report the client had an understanding of where they needed improvement and how competitors like Home Centre, Pepperfry, and Urban ladder offering a gamut of furnishings, financial flexibilities, delivery options and more were generating more revenue compared to them.