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Brand Architecture (streamlining the brand/brands )

Metriken provides consultancy services on vertical and horizontal linkages to create an Organisational structure to meet the needs of their customer’s strategy.

    The four types of structures that are available are:
  • Simple,
  • Functional,
  • Multidivisional, and
  • Matrix.

“If people believe they share values with a company,
they will stay loyal to the brand.”
- Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks

Metriken believes that brand architecture aids in creating a clear vision, collaboration and will help leverage our customers as key brands. In order to sustain the trend brand owners need an appropriate facilitating architecture.

A strategic approach to portfolio management can help define how to structure the various brands and products to achieve these objectives.

How do we implement Brand Architecture Consulting??

Simple structures is ideal for small businesses which do not rely on formal systems of division of labor, and organizational charts are not generally needed. If the firm is a sole proprietorship, one individual does all the organizational tasks.

Functional Structures involve employees being organised into departments that each handle events related to a functional area of the business, such as marketing, production, human resources, information technology, and customer service.

Multidivisional Structures deal with employees divided into departments based on product areas and/or geographic regions.

Matrix Structures are ideal for firms that engage in short term projects. Personnel can be put in different teams to maximize creativity and idea flow.

Metriken works with companies to organize and manage their branded offerings, with the overall objective of maximizing strategic leverage and increasing the value of the brand portfolio.

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