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Brand Extension

Metriken provides consultancy in Brand extension which involves making use of a client’s branded product to market a different product category.

    Metriken helps create:
  • A sub-brand,
  • A parent brand and,
  • A family brand.

“When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable”
- Meg Whitman

How do we implement Brand Extension Consulting??

    Brand extension can be categorized into the following:
  • Line extension which involves using the same brand to launch a product in a different way. Byline extension is when the product is a slight variation to the existing ones.
  • Product Extension occurs when the company launches an entirely new product.
  • Extension of customer franchise when a customer group extends the product range.
  • Extension of company expertise which allows the company to launche a product making use of the same name.
  • Extension of brand distinction which are unique with respect to the benefits.

    Brand extension allows an organization to:
  • Further strengthen and build the brand franchise,
  • Enhance the chance of success of new business development and
  • Reduce the cost of new business development.

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