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Brand Positioning
    Brand Positioning includes
  • Repositioning
  • New geographies
    At Metriken we
  • Value what your product/service has to offer,
  • Work with you to define brands to maximize customer relevance and
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.

“In a competitive crowded world market, it's the well positioned brands that Stands Out!”

- Bernard Kelvin Clive

How do we implement Brand Positioning??

  • An internal and external brand audit is conducted by our branding consultants to confirm the current image and generate potential identity and positioning platforms
  • Focused brainstorming is then used to create potential benefit-based solutions for deliverables as per customer requests.
  • Our brand consultants then develop alternative positioning concepts which are then used in “real time”.
  • Brand action plans are then developed to identify clear action stages for progressive and iterant effect.

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