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Research Led Data Analysis improves business Performance and helps you make informed decisions Organizations are leveraging data analytics to improve their project performance. Research led data is not just reflecting business performance but is also playing an important role in driving operations. Business of all sizes understand the power of research led data and want to capitalize on the opportunities, reduce costs, improve performance, make informed decisions and so on.

Business intelligence and Analytics together use consumer insight to drive the strategic direction of an organization. From studying reasons behind why a consumer engages in a transaction to analyzing business transactions and the type of content that appeals to the consumer – Analytics help you improve the way you conduct business.

What we do?

Metriken Integrated Business is a analytics-led organization in Chennai, India. From offering simple descriptive analytics to prescriptive and predictive programs – our services are sought after by clients seeking business insight. Our consultants have been involved in business intelligence and data –related projects:

  • Creating data models.
  • Design and implement BI architecture.
  • Integrate data from applications such as CRM,ERP and so on

Metriken Integrated Business offers partners with businesses to meet the present day market demands and plan for future to identify the potential benefits. Our service offerings are segregated under Business Intelligence and Business Analytics:

Business Intelligence

  • BI Assessment & Tool Evaluation
  • Consulting & Roadmap
  • Data Mining & Analysis
  • Architecture Design & Development
  • Dashboard, Interactive Visualizations, Reports and Alerts
  • Data warehousing & Data Integration
  • Migration Services
  • Performance Management
  • Support & Maintenance Services

Business Analytics

  • Execute outbound sale or incentive based campaigns
  • Demand Driven Forecasting
  • Design Data Model
  • Data Mining
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Visual Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Inventory Optimization

Talk to our strategy experts

We specialize in

  • Project Management
  • Regular update and prompt communication
  • Extensive Quality Control
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Our experts provide consumer insights with initial customer segmentation report
  • The insight is used to identify gaps or vulnerabilities in the service or product
  • Segmentation is done based on demography, age, gender, buying habits, user persona and more
  • The data is used to Identify opportunities and improve the relevant segment further
  • We help build strategic plans to establish metrics and evaluate performance or success rate
  • More advisory services are offered based on your needs