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Why is Communication and Public Relation Important for a business?

Communication plays an important role in building effective public relations. A powerful communication will create an impact on the audience and influence their decision. Such an impact is important for an effective brand positioning and attracting loyal customers. Public relation is an integral part of Communication and it is used to enhance the reputation of your business in the eyes of your customers, employees, stakeholders, and partners. Extensive research and information gathering is required to present to the audience the way your business operates, the culture you follow, the policies you have implemented, your vision and mission, the uniqueness of your product/service, and so on.

Effective communication becomes a priority under crisis situation or unfavorable circumstance. A public relation expert in the true sense saves and maintains an organizations reputation both online and offline.

Do you know that your website is your virtual office?

A website must be user friendly and that’s how you will be able to make your first impression. It is important for your website speed to be up to the mark, the images aesthetically appealing, and most importantly the content must be succinct and relevant. Customers seeking website design or development assistance always check your online presence first.

What we do?

Metriken Integrated Business is a public relations consulting agency in Chennai, India. We function as a complete business partner to our clients (link to our works) offering integrated marketing and public relation services aimed at building your brand, managing reputation, and providing solutions to your challenges. Our team comprises of senior PR consultants with editorial and creative skills. Our communication consultants partner with you to meet your goal of brand building and showcasing it to your employees, customers or partners. Our marketing communication service is customized to meet your business objective.

We develop high quality content as a crucial component of PR to create brand visibility. We adopt unique, innovative, and authentic ways to tell your story and maintain your reputation.

Brand Positioning

Explain brand detail, uniqueness of brand, its similarity with competitors, and what sets your brand apart.

Content Marketing

Skillfully crafted content for posts, bylined articles, videos, images to attract, engage, and inform all audiences

Media Relations

Coordinate with journalists and combine, earned, shared & owned media to create a cohesive and powerful program that drives visibility and influences audience opinion

Product Launch

Build story to Positioning, packaging, and promote product or service

Sales Approach

Targeted content placements, balanced messaging, succinct pitches, credibility building, sourcing leads

Reputation Management

Manage and overcome reputation intimidation due to negative feedback, poor review or bad press

Crisis Management

Help identify top reputational threats, plan for the situation, develop suitable response, conduct reviews to stay prepared and take preventive measures

Launch Strategy

Build a story around product or service and attempt emotional connect

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Metriken Communications: Creating relevant stories, delivering results

  • A PR Expert studies your product, service, or business from a different point of view with the ability to tell a story that resonates strongly with the consumer.
  • PR experts are media specialists capable of writing and circulating news releases, organize events to generate public awareness on social media platforms, traditional media houses, and print.
  • A PR expert is equipped to proactively lessen the damages that can impact your brand
  • Distribute press releases both online & offline
  • Share information about your company with publication houses that cater to relevant audience
  • Highlight the measureable difference your business has made for your client when pitching to a reporter
  • Increase sales leads by getting positioned alongside the competitor in industry round-up articles.

Public Relation FAQS

MIB develops strategy for PR-conscious companies. We serve as advisors and build a comprehensive strategy that focuses on offering you maximum advertisement, brand identity, improved sales and lesser expense. MIB is partnered with reputable PR agencies who execute the PR strategy we build for you. Depending on the client requirement we even serve as mediators for the client and the agency. Specifically, we

  • Offer guidance on how to work with news media effectively
  • Prepare news release, creatives, and related materials
  • Build strategic marketing and PR plan : Business research & analysis, Competitive research & analysis, SWOT analysis, plan, editorial calendar creation, presentation
  • Suggest Public relation activities: content for press release, avenues to book speaking engagements, pitch ideas to clients using media,
  • Manage marketing activities: Social media, search engine marketing, content development Plan and manage events ( as per client requirement)

MIB does PR for small, medium, and large enterprises. MIB focuses on small businesses and start-ups primarily because a good PR campaign helps create a recognizable message and it helps build brand identity.

Two major benefits of PR are

  • It Increase sales and
  • Builds credibility

Absolutely! Not all PR activities need a large budget. Proper planning with effective implementation can go a long way.

Advertisement: You pay to advertise your product or service on different mediums such as paper, TV, radio, etc.

PR: The feedback or reviews you receive on your products or services is the publicity you receive for the advertisement you paid for. If the feedback is bad then the PR agency jumps in to manage reputation, and does damage control. Likewise if the feedback is positive then the agency utilizes it to create more awareness of your product or service and invariably helps you attract the right kind of customers.

Earned PR is more effective than advertising. Reports suggest that consumers are more influenced by PR than advertising and when a brand is mentioned by someone who is trustworthy, it holds more value than an advertisement.

MIB collaborates with media agencies in several ways. MIB follows a tailored approach for each client’s requirement. Whether it is developing a strategic plan or coordinating with the agency, MIB emphasizes on succinct communication about your service or products, accomplishments, success stories, expertise and more

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MIB can step in to partner with you at any point of time. However, if we are involved at the incept or at the early stages of your business development, then strategizing, and building the correct brand identity would be simpler, smoother, more straightforward and therefore more effective.