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Why do you need HR Consulting Services?

Metriken’s HR consulting services establishes an overall HR plan that your organization can benefit from. Our HR consultants offer HR services for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Our HR consultants work on strategies to motivate employees in the workplace, ensure staffing requirements are met and future recruitment needs and employee retention plans are in place. As an HR outsource consultant we advise best practices like developing appropriate job descriptions, identifying avenues for sharing job postings, assist with employee handbook creation, and appraisal forms. In a nutshell our goal as HR Consultants is to create processes, design policies, and improve productivity, competence, and communication and employee confidence.

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HR Consulting FAQS

In this section of the site we have answered the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to a particular question please don’t hesitate to contact us

HR Consulting (Human Resources Consulting) helps in maximizing the efficiency of operations in the HR department, implementing new and appropriate policies, setting up organizational structures etc.

HR Consulting can benefit your company in many ways. Outsourcing HR services can be cost effective and efficient. Our HR Consulting teams have experience and specialized knowledge; are capable of managing employee performance and development better. Utilizing HR Consulting services allows business leaders to shift focus back on the business; minimize risk and save time.

We have tie ups with highly knowledgeable and experienced human resource team. With over 50 years of combined HR experience our team possesses the skill to fulfill

  • Your recruitment requirements.
  • Legal compliance your organization must be aware of such as payroll, benefits, and administrative policies and procedures.
  • Guidance on employee docket: employee performance review, disciplinary and training records, employee initial application and documents, appointment letter, salary break up document, no medical records etc.

With HR consulting services you don’t have to worry about having a full time HR team in house especially when the work requirement for them is limited to recruitment and docket filing only. When you use our consulting services you pay us only for our time and the candidates our extended team hires for you as opposed to the salary you would pay full time HR personnel in-house..

Absolutely! Not all PR activities need a large budget. Proper planning with effective implementation can go a long way.